Pico Buildings Assets

This is just a small tileset I made for a build and cities game. It's nothing fancy but you may get some ideas from it. Feel free to use them as you want.

The preview doesn't show everything, there are many more tiles (60+). Remember you can rotate and flip sprites to use them in the direction you need.

If you liked it or have any idea for more assets, just write me a comment. After you finish your awesome game with these assets, send me a picture :)

Download files

There are 2 files to download.

  • Pico Buildings sprite sheet
  • Pico8 Cart


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buildings.p8.png 11 kB
buildings.png 6 kB


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What tools do you use to make these assets?


I made it with the Pico8 sprite editor. There is a Pico8 clone, that can do pretty much the same called Liko12. You can find it here: https://ramilego4game.itch.io/liko12

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That's awesome. Is it worth it to buy Pico8?

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It's good to have some fun. Its limitations make you finish games and dont get into huge ambitious projects that you never complete. It includes everything you need to make a game ( sprite editor, code editor, sound and music editor and map editor). Most people use it to get into gamejams. Its like a toy, you have fun with it, but you also need free time to play with it.